Introduction of SHARK SHOPPING

As a member organization of China International Radio, headquartered in Beijing, SHARK SHOPPING is a leading full-media retail platform in China, which is positioned as an imported selection mall. Through the nationwide channel, excellent mobile shopping APP, smart TVs, elegant shopping magazines and big data sales, SHARK SHOPPING strictly selects high-quality home supplies throughout the world for enormous customers and families, and creates ideal life experience. At present, SHARK SHOPPING has maintained annual high growth, and become an advanced enterprise with the high market value, fast growth, and strong content innovation. Also has many cross-border cooperation and great brand image. SHARK SHOPPING acquisition citrussTV, the largest TV shopping network in the MENA region, this is the first overseas acquisition in China's TV shopping industry. SHARK SHOPPING has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO27001 information security management system. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of China Home Shopping Alliance, and also a member of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

The mission of SHARK SHOPPING is creating an ideal life experience for customers. No more wasting time, SHARK SHOPPING offers you the best. The professional buyers make recommendations for consumers throughout the world, which helps them to make smarter choices. SHARK SHOPPING provides high-standard services including free changing and refunding within 30 days. Because of SHARK SHOPPING, the shopping and life style of every customer and family is changing - not only saving more time, but also having a better quality of life.

The symbiosis of SHARK SHOPPING is prosperity in unity. SHARK SHOPPING always holds an open and integrated attitude, and keeps exploring diversified cooperation with outstanding partners from different fields. With the symbiotic business ecosystem, SHARK SHOPPING has established long-term strategic cooperation with thousands of excellent brands in the world, and creates opportunities for SMEs.

The vision of SHARK SHOPPING is becoming a respected enterprise and a world-known media retail group. SHARK SHOPPING advocates all employees, partners and enterprises to work together to promote the sustainable development of public welfare. Since 2013, SHARK SHOPPING has launched the public welfare activity “Global Music Classroom” in China every year, which donates to 1-2 schools with weak music education infrastructure, making more children obtain happiness and freedom through music. Now, with the rise of China’s cultural media industry and the application of new technologies such as large data digging in the retail industry, SHARK SHOPPING caters to consumption upgrades with the dual attributes of “media + shelf” to create a new model for media retailing.

Shark is the spiritual totem of SHARK SHOPPING. It has cartilage all over its body, thus it can quickly adapt itself to the environment. It changes 30,000 teeth in its lifetime, it is always best prepared for fighting. It does not have a swim bladder, so it would sink if it does not keep swimming. SHARK SHOPPING advocates the shark spirit, which means the strong ability to adapt to the environment, the core competence from continuous learning, and the perpetual drive for action. In our journey to achieve our great vision, SHARK SHOPPING would like to work with partners who have the shark spirit.

Shareholder composition

Leadership team

  • Jason Kong
    Jason Kong

    He is a master, senior editor, senior economist, EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and visiting professor of Sichuan University. He is also “Four Batches” talent of the Propaganda Department of the Committee of the CPC, member of the National Youth League, National Advanced Worker,  Advanced Individual of National Public Service Advertising, and one of the National Top 100 Theoretical Workers. He is a senior media worker, and author of Profit Models of Media, which is regarded as the first book revealing the key to the success of media business. He is the former vice president of Guizhou TV Station, former president of Jia You Home Shopping Co., Ltd, and managing director of China Media Capital (CMC). Now he serves as the president of EFIM Holdings Co., Ltd., president of Global Home Shopping Co., LTD., and president of Beijing Read TV Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Samuel Pang
    Samuel Pang
    deputy general manager (TV Shopping)

    He is a senior media worker, EMBA of China Europe International Business School, former deputyvice general manager of Lanzhou Zhi Cheng Tong Hui Co., Ltd and vice president of Jia You Home Shopping Co., Ltd. He has rich management experience in television media and development of television shopping market..

  • Echo Chen
    Echo Chen
    deputy general manager (TV Shopping)

    She is a member of Human Resource Association for Chinese & Foreign Enterprises (HRA), former HR director of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd, Teamsun Co., Ltd, BOE Co., Ltd and Jia You Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Proficient in human resource management and implementation, she also  has rich experience in logistics management, after-sales support, customer service system and other management areas.

  • Leon Song
    Leon Song
    deputy general manager (TV Shopping)

    He is a senior TV shopping expert, and former vice general manager of BTV Shopping. He is the bachelor of York University of Canada, and master of Communication University of China. He has flexible and rich experience in TV shopping operation, and practical experience in commodity planning, channel development, business cooperation, etc.

  • Amy Yu
    Amy Yu

    She is a senior media worker, media sci-tech innovation talent, and EMBA of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. She is also distinguished MPAcc tutor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, guest professor of Guizhou Normal University. She is the former producer and news anchor of Guizhou TV Station, and head of TV Theater and Guide Channel of Beijing Gehua Cable Television Network Co., Ltd.

  • Noya Liu
    Noya Liu
    deputy general manager(E-Commerce)

    He is a senior product manager, and user experience expert. He is the former director oft user experience department and operation department of Renren and Alipay. He is highly sensitive to the Internet and e-commerce operation, product  design and other fields.


  • 2013
    • May 20
      Launched the new edition with the new image—“New GHS, I Love You”.Launched the new edition with the new image—“New GHS, I Love You”.
    • Jul 10
      Attended the Asia Direct Marketing Vision by invitation in 2013.
    • Sep 28
      Relocated the office adress to Huitong Time Square.
    • Nov 10
      Premiere of the pragram Made in China.
    • Nov 15
      The first stop of Hit FM&GHS Music Classroom was held in Beijing Lv Yuan Primary School.
  • 2014
    • Mar 22
      Launched Mina Collection 2014 fashion show.
    • Apr 4
      Launched the campaign for members only— Face to Face for the memembers of GHS.
    • Apr 20
      Launched the special pragram of the best-selling brand award ceremony.
    • May 17
      GHS channel started to broadcast in Dalian.
    • May 20
      The one-year anniversary of the new GHS. Launched the live broadcast connecting seven channels .
    • May 29
      Hit FM&GHS Music Classroom was held in Shandong Gao Yu Primary School.
    • May 29
      The original micro film Rotate! Early Seeding won the “ Special Prize of the Organizing Committee” in the China Internationl Micro Film Ceremony.
    • Jul 12
      Worked together with Parkson Group to organize the high-end outdoor brands sales with the slogan of “GHS & Parkson Unity” in Sun Palace in Beijing.
    • Jul 15
      Tejas Jewelry settled in the First Brand pragram of GHS.
    • Jul 15
      Signed the strategic cooperation agreement with TooToo Industrial Society.
    • Jul 18
      Signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Tejas Jewelry.
    • Jul 30
      Started the strategic cooperation with Yu Hai Century Culture Media Co., Ltd.
    • Aug 16
      GHS was granted the title of the “Strategic Partner of Transformers’ 30th Anniversary Exhibition” and held the strategic cooperation ceremony.
    • Aug 29
      Convened the first supplier congress.
    • Sep 28
      Cooperated with shopping channels in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Liaoning and Henan provinces to launch the program Five-Channel Simulcast Famous Products Sales, which was the first attempt.
    • Sep 28
      Established the strategic partnership with the movie The Golden Era which set up the new mode of cross-industry cooperation between movie and TV shopping.
  • 2015
    • Jan 19
      Joined hands with Huafeng Meteorological Media Group to start the new program Weather Forecast, marking the new starting of focusing on people’s livelihood.
    • Jan 23
      GHS was awarded the prize of the “2014 China Media Academy Award—Communication Case”.
    • Feb 1
      GHS became the exclusive TV shopping channel (Beijing stop) which sales Teddy Bear of the Teddy 111th anniversary collection .
    • Feb 10
      Joined in the “Splendid Beijinger” community Spring Festival.
    • Mar 15
      Launched the first “3.15 Brand Grand Ceremony” campaign.
    • Mar 18
      GHS TV channel started to broadcast in Tianjin.
    • Apr 9
      Held the opening ceremony of college-enterprise cooperation with the School of Journalism & Communication of Peking University.
    • Apr 28
      Established the strategic partnership with CYTS in Beijing.
    • May 20
      Celebrated the two-year anniversary, the daily sales exceeding RMB 10 million.
    • May 20
      Launched the new brand advertisement Floating Window, received good effect
    • May 20
      The new APP official went live.
    • May 28
      Convened the “GHS Business & Investment Conference” in Seoul, South Korea. Hunderds of medium-sized and small enterprises attended.
    • Jul 2
      GHS TV channel started to broadcast in Shanghai.
    • Aug 10
      The cross-border e-commerce business official went live.
    • Sep 18
      Held the GHS Brand Promotion Conference to Southeast Asian manufacturers in the CAEXPO.
    • Oct14-15
      Hit FM&GHS Music Classroom was held in Tianjin Zhi Pei Primary School and Shanghai Tang si Primary School respectively.
    • Nov 11
      The sales of Members’ Day exceeded 15 million which set a new high record .
    • Dec 2
      Held the strategy press conference of derivatives of Kung Fu Panda series together with Tejas Jewelry, which became the first platform of movie derivative.
    • Dec 12
      Launched the “Light Luxury in the Future” fashion show.
    • Dec 29
      Achieved the BSI certification and acquired the IS09001 QMS certificate.
  • 2016
    • Jan 8
      GHS was awarded the “Highest Market Value Media Retail Platform” in China’s Media Academy Awards.
    • Mar 15
      Committed to be honest in the “Integrity Commitment for Product and Service Quality” campaign held by China Quality Inspection Association.
    • Mar 19
      GHS launched the “MODERN FUN” spring new product conference.
    • Apr 12
      GHS was awarded “China’s Top 10 Star Company of Communications Marketing Industry”
    • Apr 20
      Carried one million cash gifts for the evening theme party “Sharing the Future with Internet”
    • Apr 20
      Established the strategic partnership with Travel Channel.
    • May 1
      First implemented the policy of free refund and exchange within 30 days in the industry.
    • May 6
      Established the strategic partnership with BTV life channel.
    • May18-20
      Launched the “Shopping Mall” 520 show.
    • Jun 1
      Signed the strategic cooperation agreement with KBS TV shopping channel.
    • Jun 7
      Held the release conference of video e-commerce platform in Beijing Poly Theater.
    • Jun 16
      Initiated the “Compensation Prepayment” system.
    • Aug 24
      Attended the 25th Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV2016)
    • Sep 24
      Launched the second season of MODERN FUN fashion conference.
    • Oct 15
      Launched the “Light Lux in the Future II”.
    • Oct 21
      Held the “HIT FM&GHS Music Classroom” cooperated with Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s Youth Development Fund in Bao Gang 7th Primary School in Baotou,
    • Nov 25
      Started the first “Shark Cup” football invitational tournament of China TV Shopping Union.
    • Nov 29
      Achieved the ISO27001 certification and 2003 information security management system certification.
    • Dec 1
      The “Story of Time” member stories went live.
    • Dec 28
      GHS was awarded the “Honest Business Unit”.
  • 2017
    • Feb 17
      GHS held the 2016 annual China TV shopping industry conference themed as “Eternal Pursuit of Quality”.
    • Feb 23
      GHS won the Fei Ma Award in China’s Information Technology Industry Conference .
    • Mar 1
      Established the strategic partnership with TVD, the largest TV shopping operator in Thailand.
    • Mar 15
      Held the special campaign of “3•15 Voice of Consumers”.
    • Mar 15
      GHS was awarded the 2017 National Exemplary Company for Quality Products and Good Service.
    • Mar 24
      Held the internship and practice base signing ceremony with School of Government of Peking University in Beijing.
    • Apr 11
      Won the award of the Top 10 Star Company of communication market industry.
    • Apr 12
      Won the award of “The Most Influential Media Retail Platform”of China’s Media Academy Awards.
    • Apr 12
      GHS was awarded the title of the “Integrity Service Commitment Enterprise” in Beijing.
    • Apr 15
      Held the large outdoor live program “Ingenuity 2017 - Understand Fotile”
    • Apr 16
      Released the 4th anniversary primary vision “FOR YOU”
    • Apr 20
      Held the 2nd GHS “Shark Cup” Football Match of China TV Shopping Union.
    • Apr 22
      Launched the 3rd Fashion Show of MODERN FUN
    • May 12
      Launched the special program for Mother’s Day: Mothers Beautiful Forever
    • May 12
      GHS President Kong Jiong was invited to attend the 3rd Positioning China Summit and delivered a keynote speech
    • May18-20
      Held the 4th Anniversary Luxury Cruise Theme Celebration Party
    • May 25
      GHS Marathon started in the Olympic Park in Beijing.
    • May 29
      Amy Yu, the CEO of GHS, was invited to the China Electronic Commerce Conference and shared her experience.
    • Jun 6
      The summer new product conference of Coocaa was held in Beijing, GHS won “the Most Trusted Award”
    • Jun 30
      The 2017th national quality month started, GHS won the “National Advanced Quality and Credit Enterprise”.
    • Jul 6
      The International famous artist Liu Xiaoqing joined the living broadcast of GHS.
    • Aug 11
      GHS won “2017 Top 100 E-commerce in China”.
    • Aug 23
      GHS joined the 26th BIRTV.
    • Sep 6
      GHS held the 2017 “face to face” member activity.
    • Sep 11
      GHS joined the 12th ICCIE.
    • Sep 15
      GHS reached cooperation with the China Open, became the pointed supplier.
    • Sep 15
      GHS reached cooperation with the China Open, became the pointed supplier.
    • Sep 20
      GHS officially announced the acquisition of citrussTV, the largest TV shopping company in the Middle East, and held the “GHS & CTV Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony & Press Conference” in Dubai.
    • Sep 23
      GHS launched the fashion show program -- the 4th season of Modern Fun.

Social responsibility


HIT FM&GHS Music Classroom is organized by CRI (China Radio International) and initiated by HIT FM (internationally broadcast pop music radio station) and GHS (Global Home Shopping). This program aims to donate musical instruments and teaching equipment to junior middle schools and primary schools with weak hardware and insufficient teaching talents. It delivered happiness and kindness to students and passing the message of “happy public service, spiritual public service” through “music lectures for the public”. Since it Started up in 2013, “HIT FM&GHS Music Classroom” has selected 1-2 schools to build music classrooms every year. So far, music classrooms have been set up in Beijing, Tianjin, Shangdong, Inner Mongolia, etc., which makes  children grow up happily and healthily with the power of music.

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