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As a member organization of China International Radio, headquartered in Beijing, SHARK SHOPPING is a leading full-media retail platform in China, which is positioned as an imported selection mall. Through the nationwide channel, excellent mobile shopping APP, smart TVs, elegant shopping magazines and big data sales, SHARK SHOPPING strictly selects high-quality home supplies throughout the world for enormous customers and families, and creates ideal life experience. At present, SHARK SHOPPING has maintained annual high growth, and become an advanced enterprise with the high market value, fast growth, and strong content innovation. Also has many cross-border cooperation and great brand image. SHARK SHOPPING acquisition citrussTV, the largest TV shopping network in the MENA region, this is the first overseas acquisition in China's TV shopping industry. SHARK SHOPPING has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO27001 information security management system. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of China Home Shopping Alliance, and also a member of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. The mission of SHARK SHOPPING is creating an ideal life experience for customers. No more wasting time, SHARK SHOPPING offers you the best. The professional buyers make recommendations for consumers throughout the world, which helps them to make smarter choices. SHARK SHOPPING provides high-standard services including free changing and refunding within 30 days. Because of SHARK SHOPPING, the shopping and life style of every customer and family is changing - not only saving more time, but also having a better quality of life. The symbiosis of SHARK SHOPPING is prosperity in unity. SHARK SHOPPING always holds an open and integrated attitude, and keeps exploring diversified cooperation with outstanding partners from different fields. With the symbiotic business ecosystem, SHARK SHOPPING has established long-term strategic cooperation with thousands of excellent brands in the world, and creates opportunities for SMEs. The vision of SHARK SHOPPING is becoming a respected enterprise and a world-known media retail group. SHARK SHOPPING advocates all employees, partners and enterprises to work together to promote the sustainable development of public welfare. Since 2013, SHARK SHOPPING has launched the public welfare activity “Global Music Classroom” in China every year, which donates to 1-2 schools with weak music education infrastructure, making more children obtain happiness and freedom through music. Now, with the rise of China’s cultural media industry and the application of new technologies such as large data digging in the retail industry, SHARK SHOPPING caters to consumption upgrades with the dual attributes of “media + shelf” to create a new model for media retailing. Shark is the spiritual totem of SHARK SHOPPING. It has cartilage all over its body, thus it can quickly adapt itself to the environment. It changes 30,000 teeth in its lifetime, it is always best prepared for fighting. It does not have a swim bladder, so it would sink if it does not keep swimming. SHARK SHOPPING advocates the shark spirit, which means the strong ability to adapt to the environment, the core competence from continuous learning, and the perpetual drive for action. In our journey to achieve our great vision, SHARK SHOPPING would like to work with partners who have the shark spirit.

2017 “TV Landmark” research results issued, GHS president Jason Kong was honored “Man of the Year”

December 5, 2017, Beijing, China -- today, the 2017 TV Landmark of China’s TV Media Conference was hosted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and China Radio Film and TV magazine. In the awarding ceremony on that day, GHS was awarded “the Best Shopping Channel of the Year”, while GHS president Jason Kong was honored “Man of the Year”. He is the only person who has this award in China’s TV shopping industry. GHS president Jason Kong was honored “Man of the Year” Jason Kong is at the helm of GHS to create an miracle of industry “TV Landmark” is the most authoritative and representative large-scale professional research activity in the domestic media. Based on a professional, objective and fair evaluation system, it comprehensively combs the competition pattern of the domestic TV market. The 2017 “TV Landmark” selected “the Most Influential Brands of Provincial TV Stations”, “Annual Excellent Provincial TV Stations”, “Annual Excellent Shopping Channel”, “Annual Radio and TV Character”, “Man of the Year” (TV shopping) and other awards, which is an important leading indicator of the TV industry. Jason Kong, who was awarded “Man of the Year” in the “TV Landmark”, once served as deputy director of Guizhou TV station, president of Jia You Home Shopping Company, managing director of the China Media Capita (CMC), now he serves as the president of GHS. According to the introduction, GHS is the leading full media retail platform in China. It has GHS TV channel, mobile video shopping App, smart TVs and shopping magazines, etc., which provide consumers with high quality global household commodities. 2016 White Paper of China’s TV Shopping Industry shows that the traditional cable TV is clearly downward, the retail market has fierce competition, under the double strike, the total sales of China’s TV shopping industry has a slight decline for the first time, while GHS led by Jason Kong as the dark horse bucked the trend, and the annual revenues has rised sharply, and with the fastest growth rate steadily stepped into the top 3 of the industry. At present, GHS TV shopping channel has fully covered the Chinese market, with nearly 200 million households of customers, more than 500 million people can watch GHS channel at any time. Meanwhile, GHS launched the first mobile video shopping App in China, displaying the characteristics of commodities with videos, enabling consumers to see clearly, select simply and use reasonable. In the field of smart TVs, GHS has worked with mainstream TV manufacturers including Coocaa, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Lenovo, etc, which provide TV shopping programs for consumers who are accustomed to using smart TVs. GHS has become the first “going global” company in the industry GHS president Jason Kong said, in response to “The Belt and Road Initiative”, actively expand overseas markets, is an important strategic planning of GHS, and it has achieved initial success. On September 2017, GHS announced in Dubai that it has acquired the largest TV shopping company citrussTV in MENA area, which is the first overseas acquisition case in China, and GHS has become the first “going global” company in the industry. After the acquisition, GHS will promote citrussTV to cover more areas and provide better service for more consumers. At the same time, GHS will also actively develop China’s local brand commodities and export to overseas. On the other hand, it will introduce high-quality brands commodities with localized characteristics to Chinese market, and speed up the two-way exchange of high-quality commodities. In the industry view, the acquisition of GHS has played a good role in promoting the quality transformation of China’s TV shopping industry. It has great significance for China’s TV shopping industry and even China’s TV industry. It is the first Chinese voice in the global TV shopping industry, which can be said the new beginning of TV shopping from the non mainstream to the mainstream. GHS president Jason Kong also said, GHS will take the investment of citrussTV as a pilot, and expand the international market in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia under the guidance of the “The Belt and Road Initiative”. It is reported that the series of “Man of the Year” are mainly selected from the media organizations, audiovisual new media, and operation institutions, etc.


GHS Kunshan warehouse won the “China Warehouses Classification”, was named five-star warehouse

In December 5, 2017, Beijing -- Recently, GHS Kunshan warehouse was awarded “China Warehouses Classification”, formally awarded five-star warehouse, which marks the technical conditions and management level of GHS Kunshan warehouse has reached the national quality standard construction. Warehouse management reached the highest level, completing various warehouse tasks precisely “China Warehouses Classification” is rated by assessment office consists of experts of Chinese Warehousing and Distribution Association. Assessing from four aspects of warehouse facilities, staff quality, service function and management level, general warehouse is divided into five stars, GHS Kunshan warehouse won the highest level of warehouse -- five-star warehouse. GHS Kunshan warehouse won the “China Warehouses Classification”(five-star) It is reported that GHS Kunshan warehouse mainly in charge of the orders in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui, the whole area is about 10000 square meters, and nearly 24% of the operation staffs have passed the certification of warehouse administrator qualification. At present, Kunshan warehouse is using the WMS warehouse management system, the system supports every links of the entire Kunshan warehouse, including storage, grounding, inventory, delivery of cargo from storage, checking, delivery, commodity allocation, data transmission, information inquiry, ensuring the warehouse to complete the works more quickly and accurately. “In the future, GHS warehouse management will be more professional, rigorous, and will be more efficient warehousing operations, rapid response to the need of GHS business.”director of GHS warehousing business said. Constantly optimize the level of service Create an ideal shopping experience for consumers As the leading all media retail platform , GHS as “global home furnishing products sales mall”, through a nationwide GHS shopping channel, excellent shopping mobile APP, smart TVs and fine shopping magazine, elects high quality home furnishing commodities from the world and creates an ideal life experience for millions of families. At present, GHS continues to enhance the quality of commodities, through investing citrussTV to introduce the MENA commodities, buyers selecting global quality commodities, also pre-sale quality testing by professionals, strictly control the quality of commodities. At the same time, GHS especially focusing on the optimization and upgrading of service system, now it has launched 30 days free return and replacement policy, out of the box inspection and other high standards of service, all-round enhance consumer shopping experience. Today, GHS has officially passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and its professional, standardized shopping experience and service system has been certified by international standards.