GHS Passes British BSI Certification and Receives ISO9001 Quality System Certificate

On December 2015, GHS announced that it had formally passed the Quality Management System (ISO9001:2008) Certification issued by international certification authority British Standards Institution (BSI). This means that GHS’ continuous provision of efficient, professional, standardized and clear shopping experience and services for consumers has obtained international authorized certification.

It is known that ISO Management System Standard is derived from the drafting and preparation by the century-old BSI, and is known as the “source of standards” in the industry; so far, more than 42% of Fortune 500 use BSI services. The certificates approved and issued by it have highly authoritative reputation and global mutual recognition efficacy.

As a leading full-media retail platform in China, GHS operates TV shopping channels covering the whole country with the highest market value, and excellent online and mobile Internet shopping platforms. In fact, by virtue of its national-leading market value, continuously expanding sales scale, No.1 brand image and service advantages in the overall industrial chain layout, GHS is considered to have been among the first echelon in the industry.

“Whether it is commodity selection or logistics and after-sales, we hope to create a secure, safe and convenient shopping experience for consumers,” said head of GHS ISO certification. Passing BSI’s strict ISO9001 certification means more guarantee for consumers to order commodities via television, website, APP, etc.