GHS Beijing warehouse won the "Chinese star warehouse",

was named five star warehouse

In June 19, 2017, Beijing--Recently, GHS Beijing warehouse awarded "Chinese star warehouse", formally awarded five star warehouse, which marks the technical conditions and management level of GHS Beijing warehouse has reached the national quality standard construction.

Warehouse management reached the highest level, the peak can guarantee 20 thousand orders delivery of cargo

"Chinese star warehouse" is rated by assessment office consists of experts of Chinese Warehousing and Distribution Association. Assessing from four aspects of warehouse facilities, staff quality, service function and management level, general warehouse is divided into five stars, GHS Beijing warehouse won the highest level of warehouse --  five-star warehouse.

Deputy secretary of Chinese Warehousing and Distribution Association, Li Zhongliang award GHS "Chinese star warehouse" metal and certificate

It is reported that the overall planning area of GHS Beijing warehouse is 15000 square meters. The design plan includes eight functions, receiving area, delivery area, storage area, production area, high-value area and constant temperature area. At present, daily throughput of GHS Beijing warehouse is 200 thousand goods, nearly 10000 cubic meters, in the peak time can guarantee 20 thousand orders delivery of cargo. "In the future, GHS warehouse management will be more professional, rigorous, and will be more efficient warehousing operations, rapid response to the need of GHS business." director of GHS warehousing business said.

Constantly optimize the level of service  Create an ideal shopping experience for consumers

As the leading all media retail platform , GHS as "global home furnishing products sales mall", through a nationwide GHS shopping channel, excellent shopping mobile APP , smart TVs and fine shopping magazine, elects high quality home furnishing products from the world and creates an ideal life experience for millions of families.

At present, GHS continues to enhance the quality of goods, not only through buyers selecting global quality goods, but also pre-sale quality testing by professionals, strictly control the quality of goods. At the same time, GHS especially focusing on the optimization and upgrading of service system, now it has launched 30 days free return, prepayment, out of the box inspection and other high standards of service, all-round enhance consumer shopping experience. Today, GHS has officially passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and its professional, standardized shopping experience and service system has been certified by international standards.